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The NTC thermistor is a kind of resistance whose resistance value can be changed. Its resistance depends on the temperature. The resistance of the power NTC thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature. NTC is usually used as a temperature sensor, or used in series with a circuit as a surge current limiter.

Many NTC thermistors are made of semiconductor material (such as sintered metal oxide) discs, rods, plates, beads or cast chips. SHIHENG NTC thermistors are popular for their stable and reliable output. We have the experience and ability to customize NTC thermistor according to customer needs.

Customers can contact us at any time to obtain various NTC thermistors, including power NTC thermistor, compensation NTC thermistor, precision temp measurement NTC thermistor, film and chip in glass temp-measurement NTC thermistor, medical electronic temp measurement NTC thermistor, pellet type NTC thermistor.

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