04-21 -2022
New energy vehicles: from scratch to excellence

Someone once said: the replacement of fuel vehicles by new energy vehicles will only be fast, not slow. Subsequently, BYD became the first company in the world to officially announce the cessation of the production of complete fuel vehicles.

04-14 -2022
The rapid development of the sensor industry

Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", with the needs of the rapid development of the country's industry, the country has paid more and more attention to industrial sensors, and policies related to sensors have been introduced intensively, and the policy environment has become better and better.

04-09 -2022
NTC thermistors for microwave ovens and ovens

In daily life, we often use microwave ovens and ovens for home cooking and heating food. Both NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors are used.

12-06 -2021
The working principle of Water Heater NTC thermsitors

The High precision water temperature sensor is a miniature insulated chip NTC Thermistor mounted in a stainless steel housing with a brass collar for sealed mounting and twin PVC insulated 30AWG lead wire connection, epoxy potting resin. This NTC temperature sensors series immersion sensor thermistor features a fast time response for fluid immersion applications. Reduced thermal gradient, due to the use of small tip dimensions and thin insulated wire.

12-06 -2021
Working principle of power type thermistor

The conductivity of the NTC thermistor increases with the increase of temperature, while the resistance of the NTC thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature.

01-14 -2023
The warmth of winter --- the role of thermistors in electric heaters

With the arrival of the Lidong solar term, the temperature across the country is also dropping. Not only the winter wind outside is biting, but the temperature inside is often chilling too.

01-07 -2023
Temperature sensor for car seat heating

In the cold winter, the heating of the car seat is very important. Using the built-in NTC thermistor of the seat to monitor the heating system inside the seat in real time and transfer the heat to the occupant can greatly improve the temperature of the seat when the seat is opened for a long time in winter. Cold discomfort.

12-30 -2022
Application of NTC thermistor in carbon fiber electric floor heating

Gradually entering winter, the temperature in various places is gradually dropping, and for many cities in the north, it is gradually entering the heating season. Electric floor heating has also gradually been applied and developed. Among them, carbon fiber heating electric floor heating has achieved rapid and sustained development due to its rapid temperature rise, uniform heating, long heat radiation transfer distance, and fast heat exchange speed, and has become the new favorite of household electric floor heating. For carbon fiber electric floor heating, NTC thermistor is the core to ensure its normal operation. Using NTC thermistor can realize the monitoring and control of the real-time temperature of carbon fiber electric floor heating.

12-22 -2022
Thermistors in Garment Steamers

With the improvement of the quality of life, people's requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher, especially the requirements for daily clothing are becoming more and more stringent, so the garment steamer has reappeared in front of our eyes. With it, we can easily put on various travel clothes such as flat suits and shirts, and become a refined living home in seconds. Of course, the appearance of NTC thermistor is indispensable in the garment ironing machine.

12-16 -2022
NTC thermistor and PT100 platinum resistance

The well-known and widely used NTC thermistor and PT100 platinum resistance have their own advantages in different scenarios. When it comes to NTC thermistor, it is called negative temperature coefficient thermistor; it is mainly made of metal oxides such as manganese oxide, cobalt oxide, nickel oxide, copper oxide and aluminum oxide as the main raw materials; its biggest feature is Its resistance value decreases with the increase of temperature. According to different operating temperatures, it can usually be divided into power type, temperature measurement type and compensation type thermistor, and has a wide range of application fields!

12-10 -2022
NTC Thermistors for Blowers

The NTC thermistor in the blower is the resistor used to control the speed of the blower fan in the car. Change the fan speed by mechanically switching the blower resistor resistance, using a rotary lever, or electronically through the air conditioning system. The change in resistance then limits the current through the motor, which determines how fast the blower will work.

12-02 -2022
NTC thermistor for charger plug

With the development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming more and more popular, and matching charger plugs can be seen everywhere in various electronic products. Therefore, charger plugs have become an indispensable tool in people's daily life. The charger plug must have safety certification. The charger plug with safety certification can guarantee the safety of personal life and avoid risks such as electric shock and fire. Therefore, the manufacturer will use NTC thermistor in the charger plug to monitor the working temperature and realize temperature detection. and temperature control purposes.

11-25 -2022
Discussion on temperature sensor in wireless temperature measurement technology

In practical production applications, the wireless temperature measurement system used is often composed of temperature sensors and wireless temperature detectors. One of these two parts is responsible for monitoring the temperature, that is, the temperature sensor; the other is responsible for collecting and processing the electrical signals transmitted by the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is often close to the measured point, and is often consistent with the voltage of the measured point, so the temperature sensor is often located at some interfaces. After the temperature sensor measures the specific temperature of the point to be measured, the specific data of the obtained temperature is transmitted to the module part of the display data through wireless transmission technology, and received by widely distributed temperature receivers, so as to monitor the temperature in real time. Purpose. The following mainly introduces the application of the temperature sensor of the wireless temperature measurement system.

11-16 -2022
Smart bracelet uses NTC thermistor to measure body temperature

As a technology product that has attracted the attention and love of the majority of users, smart bracelets have become a fashion for young people. Through the smart bracelet, users can record real-time data such as exercise, sleep, and some diets in daily life, and synchronize these data with mobile phones, tablets, and ipod touch, and play a role in guiding healthy life through data. The smart bracelet has functions such as heart rate monitoring, body temperature detection, sleep monitoring, etc. The built-in NTC thermistor is used to measure body temperature.

10-27 -2022
NTC thermistor in charger plug

With the development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming more and more popular, and can be seen everywhere in various electronic products. Nowadays, the charger plug has become an indispensable tool in people's daily life. Appropriate charger plugs must have safety certification, and charger plugs with safety certification can ensure personal safety and avoid risks such as electric shock and fire. The NTC thermistor in the charger plug can determine the appropriate operating temperature according to the measured resistance value, thus achieving the goals of temperature detection and temperature control. Nanjing Shiheng Electronics has been focusing on production and R&D for more than 20 years. The NTC thermistors produced have the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, and fast response, which can reasonably and effectively help the charger plug to operate safely.

10-21 -2022
Temperature sensor for thermostatic kettle

The weather is getting colder. In the cold autumn and winter, whether it is hot tea or hot water, it will be cold in an instant. Why is it so difficult to drink a sip of warm water all the time? At this time, we need a thermostatic kettle. Using a small NTC thermistor, the thermostatic kettle can continue to keep warm at the specified temperature, and it can also heat cold water, so that we can drink warm water at all times.

10-12 -2022
The high-altitude sonde uses MF51E temperature measuring type NTC thermistor

The high-altitude sonde is a comprehensive detection instrument for temperature, pressure and wet meteorological elements from the ground to the atmosphere at an altitude of 36Km. The high-altitude detection balloon is used as the carrier. The average vertical speed of the detection balloon during the detection process is 6m/s-10m/ s. Since the object detected by the high-altitude radiosonde is the high-altitude atmosphere and the temperature varies greatly, the NTC temperature sensor for temperature measurement in the high-altitude sonde is particularly important. The MF51E temperature measuring NTC thermistor produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics is used in On the high-altitude radiosonde, the resistance value accuracy is ±0.05%, and the temperature measurement accuracy reaches ±0.1°C in a wide temperature range.

07-21 -2022
SHIPPMENT-MF72 10D20/MF72 5D15/MF72 10D5

NTC MF72 10D20200,0001372.70.4*0.31*0.25 *115

06-29 -2022
SHIPMENT - MF59 502J3380/MF52A2 202F3600

SHIPMENT ---MF59 502J3380--10,000pcs SHIPMENT ---MF52A2 202F3600--22,960pcs

06-02 -2022
Shippment--MF58 103F3950/MF52A1 103F3380


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