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Dec 28, 2023

     The thermistor is a device that changes resistance value based on temperature changes. In automobiles, thermistors can be used in several applications.


     Automobile air conditioning control module (ACM): Responsible for regulating the temperature, humidity and circulation of the air in the car, and also controlling the operation of components such as compressors and fans. Since the automobile air conditioning control module involves many electronic components and is affected by various factors such as vehicle starting and charging, the use of power NTC thermistors to protect the circuit board can ensure the stability of the automobile air conditioning control module. There are electronic components such as operational amplifiers, capacitors, and relays in the circuit board in the automotive air conditioning control module. These components are very susceptible to surge current. Therefore, adding a power NTC thermistor to the circuit board can effectively suppress the impact of surge current and protect the service life of other components in the circuit. When a surge current occurs in the circuit, the power NTC thermistor It can switch to a low-resistance state instantly to limit the flow of current, thus protecting other components in the circuit.


    Engine protection: Thermistors in cars can also be used to monitor the temperature of the engine to provide engine protection. When the engine temperature exceeds the set threshold, the thermistor changes the resistance value and triggers an alarm, reminding the driver to take timely action to prevent damage caused by overheating. As one of the load sensing devices of the engine control module, the engine water temperature sensor usually contains an NTC thermistor as the core component for temperature monitoring. It is placed in the inner cavity of its metal shell and connected with the information collection component and the data output component. It is used to monitor engine water temperature and coolant temperature to provide effective and accurate temperature data to facilitate users to understand the engine condition in real time.


   Car charging piles: When the weather is hot, electric car charging piles and electric cars are both at high temperatures, which can easily cause overheating and combustion accidents. Currently, NTC temperature sensors are used to control the charging pile itself and the operating temperature. The temperature sensor terminal produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics for use on car charging piles is packaged in a stainless steel shell. The zero-power resistance accuracy at 25 degrees Celsius is ±1%, and the B value accuracy is ±1%. It uses FEP high-temperature wire and the product withstands voltage. It can reach 1500V/AC, has fast temperature control response, is moisture-proof and high-temperature resistant, and has a simple assembly method. The product's operating temperature can reach up to 200 degrees.


    Thermistors play an important role in automobiles and are used in temperature measurement, environmental control, and engine protection. They provide critical data to help vehicle systems achieve effective temperature control and protection functions.


Shiheng has been focusing on the R&D and production of thermistors for 22 years, focusing on customizing them for you.
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