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Shiheng Electronics
Product origin:
Nanjing China
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Spot goods
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◎ Small size,
◎ High precision of temperature testing
◎ High sensitivity
◎ Fast response
◎ Superior stability
◎ Easy to automatic mount

As a kind of unique packaging form, NTC Thermistors for chip, that is covered with blue film, 

emerged from the needs of the bonding process which is charateristic of adapting to automatic 

protection. Bonding has such advantages as high production efficiency, low cost,better function

 for anti-corrosion,anti-knock,superior stability and longevity


◎ IGBT module,thermopile

◎ Integrated module,information control module 

◎ Semiconductor laser/detector 

◎ With form of heat pipe

Main technical parameters

◎ Chip dimensions(See table below),other options available. 

◎ Rated power resistance:(R25):2K~500KΩ 

◎ Resistance value tolerance:H±3%, G±2%,F±1%,E±0.5% 

◎ B value(25/50℃):3380K~4480K

◎ B value tolerance:G±2%,F±1%, E±0.5%,D±0.3%,C±0.2%

◎ Dissipation constantδ(See table below) 

◎ Thermal time constant(in stirred air)τ(See table below) 

◎ Rated power Pw(See table below) 

◎ Operating temperature range: -40℃~ +125℃


disk ntc

Certificate and test

◎ Quality management system certification: IS09001:2015 IATF16949:2016 

◎ Environment system certification IS014001:2015

◎ Intellectual property management system certification: GB/T29490-2013 

◎ Certification of integrated management system certification: AITTRE-00920111MS0088301 

◎ CQC certification:CQC09001033986 ◎ UL、C-UL approvals:E240991 

◎ Pass UL standard 100 000 durability tests

◎ Pass AEC-Q200 test:20172052558G 

◎ Environmental test report RoHS

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