CWF4 Screw Tube

● Introduction
That combining the high precision, Sensitive and security NTC thermistor with PVC wire,packing into the needed shape with the insulating, heat-conduction and water-protection material will be convenient for installation and long-distance temperature measure ment and control.
Temperature measurement and control of household air-conditioner,refrigerater,iceboxwater heater,drinking machine,radiator,dishwasher,disinfector,washing machine, drying machine,middle-or-low-temperature drying box and constant temperature box.

MF52B Enameled Wire

● Introduction
MF52 Pearl-Shape Precision NTC Thermistor is ethoxy resin-enveloped thermistor in Small size which is made from new materials and by new technique, So we have researched and developed several kinds of products,according to the different application field.

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