What certifications does Shiheng's thermistors have?

2022-08-11 10:12

      There are always customers asking: "Does your company have any certification for thermistors?" Most of the thermistors produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics have passed the UL, TUV, and CQC certifications. The following is a brief introduction to these three certifications.

1. American UL certification          CQC

UL is the abbreviation of Underwrites Laboratories Inc., which is one of the largest private organizations engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. For various materials, products, equipment, etc., scientific methods are used to verify that there is no harm to life, property, etc., and business research is carried out at the same time, and the ultimate purpose of product safety certification and operation safety certification business is to provide the market with quite safe. standard product.

2. German TUV certification       UL

TUV is a safety certification mark customized for component products in Germany. The authority of the TUV certification body is very high in the field of electronic appliances and components, and it is widely recognized by customers in various countries, especially in Europe and the United States, so it has won a high degree of recognition. Components that have obtained the TUV mark are exempt from inspection.

3. China CQC certification             TUV

CQC is the abbreviation of China Quality Certification Center, which is a professional certification body approved by the national competent authority. A product has obtained the CQC product certification, which means that the enterprise has obtained the certificate issued by the national certification body, and its products have passed the test conducted by a nationally recognized laboratory according to a certain standard, and the quality system of its production plant It has also been strictly reviewed by CQC to ensure the continuous production of products that meet the standards.

     Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has 53 authorized patents, including 1 US patent and 12 invention patents. The main products have passed China CQC mark certification, American UL, C-UL, German TUV product certification; MF58 series products have passed 100,000 durability tests in UL standards, automotive grade MF52, MF51, MF58, MF59 series temperature measurement products It is the first domestic company to pass the AEC-Q200 performance test. The products are of good quality and are well received by the majority of users!

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