The warmth of winter --- the role of thermistors in electric heaters

2023-01-14 16:16

    With the arrival of the Lidong solar term, the temperature across the country is also dropping. Not only the winter wind outside is biting, but the temperature inside is often chilling too.

    Because of this, we found that electric heaters often topped the sales list of household appliances during the Double Eleven shopping festival every year during the autumn and winter. Especially in East China where there is no heating supply, the energy saving and high efficiency of electric heaters often bring warmth to many families.

    The electric heater is heated and heated through the electric heating wire inside the electric heater, the heat released after the electricity is turned on or the infrared rays. When the electricity is turned on, it can convert the electric energy into heat energy. In this process, the electric heater needs to measure and control the temperature heated by the heating wire through the NTC thermistor. And cut off the power supply in time when overheating of the heating wire is detected.

    It can be said that the function of temperature control is essential for electric heaters. The accuracy of temperature control also determines the quality and performance of an electric heater.

    To achieve high-precision temperature control, the temperature-measuring NTC thermistor manufactured by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics can meet the application requirements in electric heaters.

    Especially in the use of electric heaters with continuous high temperature, high-precision, high-temperature-resistant MF51, MF52, MF58 and MF59 thermistors can be used for temperature control and measurement. The main series of temperature measuring NTC thermistors produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the strict American UL, German TUV certification, Chinese CQC certification and AEC-Q200 testing. MF58 series products have passed the durability test of 100,000 times in the UL standard. It enjoys a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets and is welcomed by customers.


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