Temperature sensor for car seat heating

2023-01-07 16:38

    In the cold winter, the heating of the car seat is very important. Using the built-in NTC thermistor of the seat to monitor the heating system inside the seat in real time and transfer the heat to the occupant can greatly improve the temperature of the seat when the seat is opened for a long time in winter. Cold discomfort.

    Under the seat cushion is a non-woven fabric with heating wire. When the seat heating switch in the car is turned on, the heating wire is energized, the seat will generate temperature, and the seat temperature will gradually increase in a short time. A bit similar to the principle of electric blankets. There are generally temperature sensors in the electric heating pad, which can monitor the change of the seat temperature, so as to control the power on and off of the electric heating wire, so that the seat heating temperature is in an appropriate range. The MF52B temperature-measuring NTC thermistor produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics is widely used in the heating of automobile seat cushions. It is an enameled wire tinned copper wire wrapped with an insulating polymer coating, coated with epoxy resin, and the core is soldered with NTC to exchange heat. Sensitive resistor chip. It has high reliability, stability and sensitivity, so it is easy to be applied to car seat cushions. In addition, it has long-term stability and fast response time, so it is the best choice for car seat cushions.

    Shiheng electronic temperature-measuring NTC thermistors can be used in various styles of car seat cushions. The main NTC thermistors have passed CQC mark certification, German TUV certification and American UL, C-UL safety certification, automotive grade MF52, MF51 , MF58, MF59 passed AEC-Q200 testing. Trusted and praised by the majority of users!

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