Shiheng Electronics-2022 National Specialized Specialized New Small and Medium Enterprises Development Conference

2022-09-22 13:24

    On September 8, the 2022 National Specialized, Specialized, New, and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Conference opened in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The theme of the conference was "Specialized, Specialized, New, Strong Foundation and Solid Chain", hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, sent a congratulatory letter to express warm congratulations. Shiheng Electronics is deeply encouraged, and it is more determined to develop a new and unique development path, and strive to open up a broader world in the field of NTC thermistors and their temperature sensors.

    In his congratulatory letter, General Secretary Xi pointed out that SMEs are an important force for promoting innovation, promoting employment and improving people's livelihood by connecting thousands of households. It is hoped that specialized, specialized, and new SMEs will focus on their main businesses, cultivate intensively, and play a more important role in improving the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain and promoting economic and social development.

    General Secretary Xi's important congratulatory letter is full of high attention and cordial care for specialized, specialized, and new SMEs, fully affirming the majority of SMEs, and pointing out the way forward for the development of SMEs.

    Up to now, there are 106 national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprises in Nanjing, and Nanjing Shiheng Electronics is one of them. Nanjing Shiheng Electronics is increasing scientific and technological investment and accelerating technological innovation, and strives to develop more new products, new technologies, new processes and new equipment in the main business field of NTC thermistors and temperature sensors, so that the company's research and development Ability, innovation strength, quality level, production scale, comprehensive competitiveness, etc. have jumped to a new level.

Shiheng Electronics-2022 National Specialized Specialized New Small and Medium Enterprises Development Conference

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