NTC thermistors for microwave ovens and ovens

2022-04-09 14:33

     Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves to convert electrical energy into microwaves and transmit them to the food, and achieve the effect of heating through the violent vibration of the molecules in the food. The electric oven uses the heat radiation of the heating tube to heat the food. Through the high temperature in the oven, the heat is transferred from the outside of the food to the inside, and the food is heated by thermal energy.

    Because of the different heating principles, microwave ovens and ovens will have slightly different heating times and effects:

1. The microwave heating is carried out from the outside to the inside at the same time, and the oven heating is from the outside to the inside;

2. The microwave heating speed is faster, and the oven heating speed is slower;

3. The oven heating does not destroy the original taste of the food, and can better retain the water and nutrients in the food, and achieve the effect of "coke on the outside and tenderness on the inside" from the outside to the inside; microwave heating, the consumption of water molecules is large, and it is easy to heat food It dries out and does not easily color the surface of the food.

     Both microwave ovens and ovens require temperature-measuring NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors to measure temperature. When we set a temperature, the heating tube will slowly start to turn red as the temperature increases. This state indicates that the heating tube is working hard to increase its temperature to make the oven reach the temperature we set. When the temperature is close to the value we set (usually a difference of 2-3 degrees), the NTC thermistor of the oven and the NTC temperature sensor sense and send a signal. At this time, the heating tube will stop heating, and the oven temperature will continue with the residual temperature. Heating to the set value, and at this time, the heating tube will slowly turn from red to black because it no longer heats up by itself. When the temperature in the oven drops to a certain value (usually 2-3 degrees lower than the set value), the NTC thermistor in the oven will sense and send a signal, and the heating tube will start to turn red to heat up the oven. This reciprocating cycle ensures that the temperature we set in the oven is always maintained. The same is true for microwave ovens. After setting the temperature, the NTC thermistor and NTC temperature sensor are used to sense and send information for control.

                                    NTC temperature sensor                        NTC thermistor

           NTC temperature sensor              NTC thermistor                    NTC temperature sensor

      The temperature measuring NTC thermistor and NTC temperature sensor produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics have complete product certification, many specifications and models, with high sensitivity, high precision, fast thermal induction, good stability, high reliability, high resistance precision, Safe to use, small in size, light in weight, sturdy in structure, easy for automated installation, etc., excellent performance thermistors are widely used in household appliances and are deeply trusted by customers!

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