NTC temperature sensor for baby incubator

2022-09-15 13:27

   Infant incubators are provided for premature infants, sick infants and newborns, a device similar to the environment of the mother's uterine cavity. The temperature in the box (box temperature/skin temperature) is controlled by servo using computer technology, and the proportional heating control is carried out according to the set temperature and the measured temperature. Therefore, the temperature control part is very important, and the NTC temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature.

NTC temperature sensor

     According to the report released by the World Health Organization, there are about 15 million premature babies in the world every year. We know that premature babies are relatively light in weight, their organs are not fully developed, their vitality is relatively weak, and they are prone to infection. Therefore, among premature newborns, the body is weak. The baby will be sent to the baby incubator. The incubator is equipped with an NTC temperature sensor to accurately control the temperature in the box, providing a warm and comfortable environment for the newborn.

     Temperature control is an essential safety indicator for babies in the incubator. Premature infants are relatively fragile, have poor ability to regulate the outside temperature, and their body temperature is extremely unstable. If the outside temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the loss of body fluids in the newborn; if the outside temperature is too low, it will cause cold damage to the newborn. Under air temperature control, the temperature control range is 25°C to 37°C, and under special operation, the maximum temperature is controlled to 38°C; under skin temperature control, the control temperature range is 32°C to 37°C, and under special operation, the maximum temperature The temperature was controlled to 38°C. The high-precision and high-sensitivity NTC temperature sensor produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics can quickly speed up the temperature in the box. The MF51 series of high-precision single-ended glass-sealed temperature measurement type NTC thermistors are used with double-layer sealing technology and have good insulation and sealing. And stability, high test accuracy, fast response and other characteristics, are widely used in infant incubators.

     Nanjing Shiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various high-precision NTC thermistors! The various series of temperature measurement products produced by the company have various specifications, small size, high temperature measurement accuracy, fast response speed, long life and high reliability. In the wide temperature range of 0℃-70℃, the temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±0.1℃. In the temperature range of 32℃~42℃, the high-precision NTC thermistor and its temperature sensor produced by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics have a temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.01℃. , and the product has a high degree of consistency and interchangeability, the NTC temperature sensor used in the baby incubator is favored and praised by users!

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