Nanjing Shiheng Electronics MF59 NTC Thermistor Pass AEC-Q200 performance test

2022-07-20 13:37

    Recently, the MF59 NTC thermistor developed by Nanjing Shiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the automotive-grade AEC-Q200 performance test. The product passes this performance test.The characteristics of the MF59 series NTC thermistor developed by Nanjing Shiheng Electronics are:

1. Glass encapsulated, can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity;

2. High temperature measurement accuracy, good stability, and wide resistance range;

3. Small size, fast response, high sensitivity;

4. no lead, easy to install SMT. Therefore, it has fast response to temperature changes of various characteristics, high temperature measurement accuracy, good stability, wide resistance range, and the temperature works at -55℃~220℃, which can be used in various office automation equipment, digital equipment, rechargeable Temperature compensation of batteries, instrument coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators, etc. The improvement of the product's technical performance has greatly expanded the application field, making it possible to use its temperature sensing, temperature control and temperature compensation functions in vehicles and alternative energy sources with harsher environments. The final product will be used in a variety of application scenarios including IGBT and power MOSFET modules and power inverters for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), solar panels and wind turbines.

    MF59 series products have successfully passed the AEC-Q200 performance test, marking that the performance of the serialized NTC thermistors produced by Shiheng Electronics has jumped to a new level. With the large-scale production of this product, it will provide customers with better use. experience and value experience.

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