Inventory of the main application areas of temperature sensors

2022-08-04 08:51

    1. What is a temperature sensor :A temperature transducer is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into a usable output signal. Temperature sensors are frequently used in daily life and are one of many types of sensors. With the advancement and development of science and technology, the temperature sensor has a relatively small appearance and high performance, and can be widely used in various fields of production practice, providing great convenience for people's production and life.

    2. Application areas of temperature sensors

2.1 Medical application :The application of temperature sensors in the medical field is also not uncommon. The role of sensors in epidemic prevention and control can be summed up in the word "prominence". Infrared thermometers and infrared thermal imagers are used in the screening and monitoring of fever personnel in crowded public places such as hospitals, stations, and airports in many parts of the country. They are like a pair of eyes that detect heat and can quickly find and track them. people with high body temperature ;

2.2 Sensing application :The thermal conversion method of temperature sensors is often used to measure physical quantities (such as flow, radiation, gas pressure, gas species, humidity, thermochemical reactions, etc.), and the measurement values of these sensors are all in the form of heat and electrical signals. output;

2.3 Industrial applications :Industrial temperature sensors: metallurgy and smelting, petrochemical, thermal power and nuclear power, manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation control, glass ceramics, plastics and rubber, brewing and pharmaceuticals, light industry and textiles, food, tobacco, water treatment, military and other industrial industries;

2.4  Food applications :Temperature sensors play an important role in food. For example, in the process of food processing in food factories, various raw materials need to be mixed at different temperatures at different times for different degrees of stirring. Therefore, temperature sensors are used for temperature detection and when necessary. It has a crucial impact on the quality of the seasoning;

2.5  Consumer product applications :Temperature sensors also occupy a place in consumer products, especially in household appliances, used in household air conditioners, car air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, water dispensers, heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, washing machines, dryers and Medium and low temperature drying oven. Temperature measurement and control in incubators and other occasions.

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