In November 2021, Nanjing Shiheng Outstanding Staff Commendation

2021-12-17 10:24

On November 17, 2021, Shiheng Electronics will select and select employees with outstanding performance in the previous month. After layers of selection, Guo Zheng, Yao Chunmei, and Chen Yihai performed particularly well in the previous month. Shiheng Electronics is active and responsible for their work. He has given a high evaluation for his attitude, and hopes that all employees will follow them as an example, bear hardships and stand hard work, be diligent, proactive, have a sense of responsibility as a master, and have the courage to pioneer and innovate.

Guo Zheng: Power-type three-in-one employees. In the case that an employee of the back-end taping and taping was unable to go to work due to physical isolation and the epidemic, the employee was anxious to the company's urgency and obeyed the leadership arrangement. When the taping needed it, he was transferred to the power type back-end to help tap the taping. , Is a good example for company employees to learn from!

Yao Chunmei: Since entering the Finance Department, the employee has always maintained a good working condition, earnestly studied financial knowledge, worked steadily, served enthusiastically, and achieved good results.

In the work, carefully, carefully and responsible, carefully review and check the bills and materials to ensure that each payment bill is reasonable, compliant, and complete procedures. When encountering special circumstances, actively communicate and coordinate, promptly ask for instructions, and actively promote efficient and orderly work. To carry out.

In business, in accordance with the responsibilities of financial personnel, she can continuously strengthen her own learning, grasp the latest financial knowledge and taxation system in time, and solid business knowledge to serve her own work. Through the ERP system and her own design of the marketing department accounts receivable And the small system of invoicing payment system and payment period collection, timely reflecting the dynamics of the accounts receivable of the marketing department. Strong accounting ability, high work efficiency, accurate accounting processing and application, achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

In terms of overall quality, he loves his job, is dedicated to his job, is willing to help others, does not make a name for himself, is not profitable, and strictly requires himself, and does his own thing as much as possible, which reflects the good quality and business skills of the employee.

Chen Yihai: 52D pay-off position. Since joining the company on April 1st, 2020, he has been engaged in setting-up work. In this position, he has been diligent and hardworking. In the case of lagging in the post, actively cooperate with the night shift work arranged by the leader. In daily work, because he is a man, he takes the initiative to help with tasks that require effort, and also actively cooperates with the temporary transfers arranged by the leader. This kind of hard work and not afraid of tiredness is worthy of everyone’s learning. It is our employees’ spirit. example.

In November 2021

The above three employees have contributed to the development of the company and set an example of learning for the company. The company calls on all employees to take them as examples, unite and cooperate, and work hard to form a company-wide company that loves their jobs, is dedicated, and learns well. The working atmosphere contributes to the rapid and healthy development of Nanjing Shiheng Company.

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