Discussion on temperature sensor in wireless temperature measurement technology

2022-11-25 09:31

   In practical production applications, the wireless temperature measurement system used is often composed of temperature sensors and wireless temperature detectors. One of these two parts is responsible for monitoring the temperature, that is, the temperature sensor; the other is responsible for collecting and processing the electrical signals transmitted by the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is often close to the measured point, and is often consistent with the voltage of the measured point, so the temperature sensor is often located at some interfaces. After the temperature sensor measures the specific temperature of the point to be measured, the specific data of the obtained temperature is transmitted to the module part of the display data through wireless transmission technology, and received by widely distributed temperature receivers, so as to monitor the temperature in real time. Purpose. The following mainly introduces the application of the temperature sensor of the wireless temperature measurement system.

1.1 The main function of temperature sensor in wireless temperature measurement system

 In practical production applications, the measurement accuracy of the temperature sensor is required to be ±0.1°C. The temperature sensor mainly plays the role of converting the temperature value into data, that is, converting the thermal signal into a pulsed electrical signal。

1.2 Internal composition of temperature transmitter

 The temperature transmitter is mainly composed of a temperature sensor for detecting temperature, a measurement circuit, a power supply and some other control circuits. These control circuits are generally required to operate at a certain frequency of the wireless operating frequency.

 Since some parts of the electronic equipment are overheated, the working environment of the temperature sensor is sometimes harsh, so the material requirements for the temperature sensor are very high, especially the exposed part of the temperature sensor, which requires high temperature resistance and other properties. , and considering the service life of the temperature sensor and other issues, the production material also needs to have a certain degree of waterproof performance and dustproof performance, so as to prolong the service life of the temperature sensor as much as possible, and prevent the electronic equipment from not working properly due to the replacement of the temperature sensor, affecting the normal production at the factory.

1.3 Some requirements for temperature sensors in actual production

  In actual production, the measurable temperature range of the temperature sensor is required to be minus fifty-five degrees to one hundred and thirty-three degrees. This measurable temperature range is the range. Of course, according to the different environments in which the temperature sensor works, this working range It should also be continuously adjusted.

 When fixing the temperature sensor on the surface of the object to be measured, the method of pasting can be used, or a high temperature resistant material such as high temperature resistant nylon wire can be used to fix the temperature sensor on the surface of the object. Due to the high accuracy required by the temperature sensor, the temperature sensor should be in close contact with the object to be measured to improve the detection accuracy, reduce the measurement error caused by distance, and detect potential safety hazards quickly.

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