Demand for energy storage and new energy vehicle protection systems exploded

2022-09-28 15:44

   Energy storage refers to the process of storing energy through a medium or device and releasing it when needed. In this "hot" summer, more and more people deeply realize that energy conservation and emission reduction are imminent, and renewable energy represented by photovoltaics and wind energy plays the main role, but also faces unstable energy supply. In this context, energy storage that can better solve this problem is generally considered to be the next trillion-dollar market that may explode. This undoubtedly brings new and significant opportunities to the NTC temperature sensor market demand.


  In addition, among the three new mandatory national standards implemented from January 1, 2021, new mandatory requirements for battery heating warning, battery system heating safety, and battery system thermal diffusion experiments have been added. Throughout the entire operation process of new energy vehicles, temperature monitoring is the last barrier to safety early warning. Effective and timely thermal management strategies may become the focus and key to improving the safety of electric vehicles, and high-performance NTC temperature sensors are the key to realizing all safety. the foundation of the strategy.

  The demand for high-performance NTC temperature sensors for energy storage and new energy vehicles is showing a superposition effect. Since the beginning of this year, Nanjing Shiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has welcomed many leading customers of domestic energy storage and new energy vehicles supporting battery protection systems. Come to visit and cooperate, customers highly recognize Shiheng Electronics' R&D level, quality control ability and supply ability. At present, the company's temperature sensor production line used in energy storage and new energy vehicles is busy, and the production line is scheduled 24 hours a day. , Technical staff work overtime to carry out quality control and technical support, and the logistics department is also fully guaranteed. Shiheng Electronics is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Various types of temperature measurement products have a wide variety of specifications, and are small in size, high in temperature measurement accuracy, fast in response, long in life and high in reliability. MF58 series products have passed the durability test of 100,000 times in the UL standard. Automotive grade MF52, MF51, MF58, MF59 series temperature measurement products are the first in China to pass the AEC-Q200 performance test. Nanjing Shiheng Electronics produces various types of high stability The NTC temperature sensor with high reliability and high reliability adopts the above core components, and its excellent technical performance and reliable quality assurance are favored by users!

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