Application of NTC thermistor in carbon fiber electric floor heating

2022-12-30 10:43

    Gradually entering winter, the temperature in various places is gradually dropping, and for many cities in the north, it is gradually entering the heating season. Electric floor heating has also gradually been applied and developed. Among them, carbon fiber heating electric floor heating has achieved rapid and sustained development due to its rapid temperature rise, uniform heating, long heat radiation transfer distance, and fast heat exchange speed, and has become the new favorite of household electric floor heating. For carbon fiber electric floor heating, NTC thermistor is the core to ensure its normal operation. Using NTC thermistor can realize the monitoring and control of the real-time temperature of carbon fiber electric floor heating.

    The carbon fiber floor heating system consists of four subsystems: heating system, protection system, heat preservation system, and temperature control system. The main core heating component of the heating system is a carbon fiber filament heating element;

    The main function of the protection system is to guarantee the long-term use of the filament carbon fiber. This outer sheath design should include: high temperature resistance protection, waterproof insulation protection, acid and alkali corrosion resistance protection, three-layer protection design; the main materials of the insulation system are extruded polystyrene board, reflective film, steel wire mesh, insulation strip, The function of the foaming agent (aluminum foil tape) insulation system is to prevent the loss of heat generated by carbon fiber electric floor heating to the floor, and force the heat to be transferred to the room; the main component of the temperature control system is the electric heating thermostat. The thermostat controls the heat provided by the carbon fiber electric floor heating by sensing the change of the ambient temperature in the heating room, and the NTC thermistor plays a key role in the temperature setting of the thermostat, which is used to monitor the temperature and make the electric floor heating The system can not only achieve a satisfactory heating effect, but also prevent the temperature from being too high or out of control, thereby avoiding potential safety hazards.

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