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Shiheng Electronics (booth number: N1.1222) will participate in Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair 2021!

Mar. 03, 2021

Exhibitors interview | when constant electronic innovation Thermistor joint multiple scenarios

Shiheng Electronics (booth number: N1.1222) will participate in Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair 2021!

Shiheng Electronics (booth number: N1.1222) will participate in Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair 2021!

Nanjing Shiheng electronic technology co., LTD. Is a set research and development, production, sales as one of national high-tech enterprises, products are the NTC thermistor, NTC temperature sensor, PTC thermistor and Zinc oxide varistors components, such as the NTC thermistor series products covering surge suppression, temperature compensation, such as precision temperature measurement, temperature control application.Products are widely used in industrial electronic equipment, communication, power, transportation, medical equipment, automotive electronics, household appliances, testing instruments, power equipment and other fields.

Problem 1: The rapid recovery of the global manufacturing industry, reflected in the electronics industry is the most direct performance of the terminal demand for upstream chips and components increased, the outbreak of price hikes.According to the previous market estimate, this situation will continue at least until the second half of this year. As an electronic component supplier, how do you view this wave of shortage and price rise?Will there be any strategy for this phenomenon?

Out of stock and price increase, I think, is not the components of the enterprise itself deliberately.Due to the epidemic, the global manufacturing industry recovered quickly after the overall stagnation, but the existing overall production capacity has not reached the normal supply-demand balance level before the epidemic, which is not enough to support the global demand, resulting in the shortage of industrial products.The scarcity of materials is expensive, and the supply of raw materials has not fully recovered, which has also led to the shortage of raw material supply in the manufacturing industry. Naturally, the whole industrial chain has the premise and result of price rise.In addition, the price rise is also due to the epidemic, the economic downturn of various countries, the introduction of quantitative easing monetary policies, currency devaluation, inflation factors are also very related.

Our company has made some strategic arrangements for the above situation: according to the price rise of upstream raw materials, we have appropriately raised the ex-factory price of products, and we will further adjust the price according to the situation and market conditions later.At the same time, the purchase of raw materials, compared with normal circumstances, also increased the purchase amount, in order to cope with the future price rise expected.At the same time, according to the needs of the Marketing Department, expand the production capacity of marketable products, improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks.

Question 2:5G commercialization, automobile electrification and the expansion of the ecosystem of the Internet of Things have promoted the continuous growth of the entire electronic market. As for electronic components, which are the basic components of the electronic industry, what do you think are the main research and development directions and challenges of the industry in the next few years?

In the next few years, electronic components will get further growth.In the face of trends such as 5G commercialization, automobile electrification and the expansion of the Internet of Things ecosystem, Electronic Components will target many applications in these fields and make efforts in product performance, new product development, product supply and other aspects.

Product performance: there will be no breakthrough change in the types and functions of basic electronic components, but for various different application scenarios and use environments, the performance parameters of electronic components will be strengthened, emphasized and added.

New product development: under the new application requirements, under the condition that the basic electronic components principle remains unchanged, there will be new requirements for some materials, structures and packaging methods on the basis of the old electronic components, so as to promote the development of new products that can better meet the new requirements.

Product supply side: around the new trend of continued rapid growth, the entire electronic component manufacturing capacity will need to transfer part of the capacity to new areas of demand.It is also bound to require enterprises to quickly adjust their capacity reasonably to meet the new market demand distribution.And this aspect will encounter the challenge of new manufacturing technology and equipment.

Question 3: Regarding the above plan, does your company have any products and solutions with corresponding layout that will be exhibited at the upcoming Munich and Shanghai Electronics Fair 2021?What are the advantages of this product/solution?What pain points can be solved in the market?

Yes, our company will exhibit the new products at Munich Electronics Expo Shanghai 2021.

A, fast and high precision temperature measurement type NTC thermistor (MF51E)

The product adopts the ultra-small temperature measuring NTC thermal chip developed by our company (size: 0.4*0.4*0.25mm), the wire diameter of the lead is 0.1mm, the minimum head is 0.7mm, the reaction speed is fast, the thermal time constant is 0.6s, and the temperature measuring accuracy reaches 0.012.Our company has also solved a series of production and manufacturing process improvement, to achieve large-scale production.

The product can be used in a new generation of electronic thermometer, to solve the existing electronic thermometer temperature measurement accuracy is not high, temperature measurement is not accurate, slow reaction speed and other pain points.

At the same time, our company has also solved the production pain points of fast and high precision temperature measuring type NTC thermistor products, such as difficult production process, low output, poor consistency and so on.

This product is mainly used in electronic thermometer, but also can be used in smart wearable, medical electronics, 5G, Internet of Things and other fields.

B, wide temperature zone high precision temperature measurement type NTC thermistor (MF52A, MF58, MF51)

The product adopts the special temperature measuring type NTC thermal chip developed by our company, and the temperature measuring accuracy can reach 0.1within the temperature measuring range of 0~ 70.And the temperature measuring accuracy of ordinary temperature measuring products is only for a certain temperature point, such as mostly at 25, thermometer is used at 37, etc.

The product can be used to manufacture high precision temperature sensor to solve the pain point that the ordinary temperature sensor has low temperature measurement accuracy in wide temperature area.

At the same time, the wide temperature range series products, also passed the AEC-Q200 automotive electronic components test.

In addition to the production of high-precision temperature sensors, this product can also be directly used in the form of components for home appliances, automotive electronics, 5G, Internet of Things and other fields.

C, super power type NTC thermistor (MF73)

This product adopts our company's own research and development of super power type NTC thermal chip, the current maximum diameter of 50mm (can also be customized according to the larger size of products), and can use the assembly structure of patent technology, to achieve good work heat dissipation.At present, the maximum steady-state current reaches 80A, and the maximum impulse capacitance reaches 15,000μF.

The product can be used to restrain wave surge current field, such as electric car charger, charging pile, 5 g machine station high-power UPS power supply, high power plasma welding or cutting machine, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) devices, high power industrial robots, etc., in order to solve the existing power type thermistor inhibiting surge current is not high, impact small capacitance, alternative prices higher pain points.

D, MF73T-3 -- ultra-small power type thermistor

This series of products have the advantages of small size, strong ability to restrain the inrush current, maximum impulse capacitance up to 220μF, which is more than 1.5 times of the common products of the same size, large steady-state current, high reliability and long service life, which can be used in ultra-small power supplies and power adapters.

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Shiheng Electronics (booth number: N1.1222) will participate in Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair 2021!

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