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Application of power NTC thermistor in household appliances

Apr. 10, 2020

As is well-known, power NTC thermistors play a major role in surge current protection at the start of power supply system.

From the late 80s in 20th century, power NTC thermistors uesd in represented color TV household appliances power supply system started to get extensive application with the popularity of large scale color TV technology. The use of NTC thermistors in the surge current protection and absorption of peak current gives key and secure components in power supply system of television long life cycle. Today, this application continues to be widely used in the color television, display computer system and many office electronic equipment and expand to more fields with the continuous development of electronic and electrical equipment.

Recently, with the help of our team, a home appliance manufacturer famous at home and abroad has successfully applied our power NTC thermistors to blender and soybean milk machines in order to protect their power system and motor control system.

Shiheng Electronics is a domestic backbone enterprise that focuses on research&development and production of NTC thermistors. With 18 years' development, we have a group of professional team on research&development, test and manufacture technology, which can provide a full set of solutions of power supply, surge current protection in motor system for supply system designers of all enterprises and companies.

Remember me, Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co., Ltd. We do excellent NTC!

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