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Application of NTC thermistor in switch power supply

Apr. 06, 2020

Shiheng NTC thermistors products have the characteristics of large power, strong ability to surge current protection, high reliability, long life, small residual resistance, etc. Because of good quality and superior performance, Shiheng NTC thermistors are a representative of power NTC thermistors with high cost performance and high reliability. We support special customization to meet different applications. What's more, Shiheng provides a number of service channels like pre-sales consulting and after-sales tracking, which truly build a whole service system.

Switch power supply has been widely used because of its advantages such as high efficiency, small energy transmission loss, flexible output and small occupied volume.Up to now, large electronic devices, even small household appliances and LED lights almost invariably use switch power supply. It is a currently recognized efficient and low-power supply, but efficient conversion (AC - DC) with low power consumption is not easy. In practical use, switch power supply may have EMC problems, surge current problem, key components' damage and the early failure in the high voltage and large current situation which makes the whole power supply system and electrical equipment failed to work. This is one of the biggest barrier for circuit designers, especially power supply engineers.

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