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Application of NTC thermistor in industrial automation

Apr. 24, 2020

Industrial automation is a fairly broad field. In addition to computer control system, NTC thermistors are used in many applications, ranging from power supplies for automatic control systems to drives for motor actuators. Motor system, as actuators in the automatic control system is most frequently used and the most crucial part. When at work, it is always switched on and off repeatedly and have inevitable shock from surge current each time. Besides, each time's current shock will bring irreversible damage on the inside motor coil winding, which will shorten the motor life if the shock lasts long time.

Through long-term practice we found that when it is switched on both in the DC motor and AC motor, the average coil winding surge current is the maximum working current of 6 ~ 30 times. For example a motor with 50w and 24 working voltage, its  largest steady operation current is about 2 A, but when operated its surge current can sharply reach 9~ 15A and the duration of surge current is about 11 ~ 200 ms, which brings great harm to motor system.

According to a large number of practical verification, power NTC thermistors developed and manufactured by Shiheng Electronics can greatly suppress the surge current when starting up as long as they are in series in the drive winding. Meanwhile, the self-heating effect of NTC thermistor will reduce its own resistance during the steady operation, and almost not affect the motor's normal operation.

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